To cater for the varied needs of such a diverse market sector we offer a large product range for the General Trade Coater market, one of which is sure to be the right product for your application.

Interpon Sablé™ CoreTen

This single coat finish mimics the textured, rustic and distinctive appearance of corten steel.

Available in D2015 Ultriva™ technology and D1000 range, Sablé™ CoreTen eliminates the disadvantages of continued weathering and unattractive staining steel is prone to and is supported by our leading warranty program.

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Interpon Textura®

The ‘fine texture’ finish and advanced powder coating technology combine to reduce packaging costs and transport damage due to marring. Available in 12 popular colors.

  • Mar reduction technology for use in high-wear areas
  • Reduction in packing cost due to highly durable surface finishing
  • Textured pattern hides irregularities in substrates
  • D1000 technology
  • Formulated for various substrates
  • Advanced technology for ease of application
  • Environmental and performance benefits of powder coating
  • All available as Stock
  • Factory finish

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Interpon 700   General Industrial

Interpon 700 is a series of epoxy/polyester hybrid powder coatings offering improved color, UV-light and heat stability. This series has superior surface hardness and chemical resistance compared to D1000.

Available in the full range of colors in gloss, reduced gloss, textured, aluminum and other special finishes or can be custom matched to the user’s requirements.

Interpon TC  

Interpon TC is an exterior durable powder coating designed

to meet the specific needs of the Industrial and General Trade Coater markets. The Interpon TC range of powder coatings offers a high quality finish with increased productivity saving you money while producing a consistently high finish for your projects.

Interpon TC is available in an extensive range of brighter colors, ripples, textures and special effect powders.

Performance: AS4506-2005

Anti Graffiti CoatingEasyClean

Interpon EasyClean (EC) is an exterior durable powder coating that allows the simple and rapid removal of most forms of graffiti, reducing overall maintenance costs and ensuring the appearance of powder coated surfaces are maintained.

Surface damage caused by markers, spray paint and other forms of graffiti on Interpon EC coated items can be easily cleaned using common solvents without causing dullness or damage to the finished coating.

The increased toughness of the Interpon EC finished film also offers a high level of scratch and abrasion resistance making it an ideal coating for any article subject to graffiti damage.

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Interpon D1000

Interpon D1000 is a high durable powder coating developed using in-house resin technology that provides an ideal finish for all external applications. Interpon D1000 offers the applicator excellent application performance with superior mileage, high powder ultilisation and faster curing, making it the most versatile and best performing product in its class. This makes it the perfect range for the General Trader Coater looking for quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Performance: AS3715, AAMA2603-02

Global Guarantee:  10 Year Global Guarantee when applied by an Interpon D Approved Applicator.

Interpon D1010 Premium

Interpon D1010 Premium is a highly durable architechtural powder coating formulated to 3 years Florida exposire testing standards. Interpon D1010 Premium is ideal for all residential and commercial aluminium applications. Supporting the Interpon D1010 Premium product range is a 10 Year Silver Global Warranty when applied by an Interpon D Approved Applicator.

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